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For many home owners, the garage is the place where you store all the stuff you don't know what to do with, and if you're lucky, the car may fit in there, too.

But as the price of real estate has risen, the room that's often the most neglected and underutilized in the house also has grown in value. Savvy real estate professionals and sellers are now staging the garage along with the rest of the hC  Users admin Pictures OHD car resized 600C  Users admin Pictures OHD car2 resized 600ouse, and getting higher returns for the effort.

In some cases, a home owner's special interest may drive the use of the garage. Gardeners may have special bins built for soil and fertilizer. Golfers may install customized cabinets for their golf clubs. Exercise enthusiasts may outfit the space with workout equipment.

Regardless of what the space is primarily used for, practitioners say spectacular garages make listings stand out and sell faster.

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Why it is Important to Protect Your Garage with a Quality Door

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describe the imageGarage - Why it is Important to Protect Your Garage With a Quality Door

One of the largest rooms in the house is the garage. You may not consider it a room, but it is a major extension that must be taken care of for many reasons.

Making sure that it has a quality door is an important measure to protect this all-important room.

Here are some of the reasons why you should install a door for your garage:

1. Security- While you may think of it as a storage area, a place where... your car lives, but not really a part of the house, the garage is actually an extra line of defense between your family and the outside world. Think of it as a movable wall of the house. Because of this, you should choose a quality sturdy door.

2. Privacy- You don't have to enclose this area, but if you want to protect your belongings and your privacy, it makes sense to install a door to keep prying eyes out. Whether you use it to park your car or as a storage room, you don't want to advertise what you have. You may also want to hide the mess it has become because this room also becomes a catch-all for things that haven't made it into the attic.

3. Increase storage/room space- Adding a door can increase your storage space by a couple hundred square feet. Now that you have the security and privacy, you can keep other valuables besides the cars in this room. You also have an additional room for social occasions. Especially when the party is outdoors but the weather doesn't cooperate. You may not want people tracking dirt and mud through the house, but you can move the party into this room and protect people from the elements as well.

4. Energy efficiency- When it is attached to the house, a garage has a direct impact on the energy-efficiency of the rest of the house. By adding a door, it helps regulate the temperature which affects the interior temperature. Additional steps to take include insulating the door and installing weather-stripping. There are doors that are Energy-Star compliant that not only help reduce your power bills, but can also earn you a tax credit of up to $1500 if installed before December 31, 2010.

5. Weather protection- If you leave the space open, when weather is bad it is quite ineffective at protecting your cars and belongings. Water can pool in the area, dirt, debris and snow- whatever the elements bring- come right on in. It gets dirty, damaged and your belongings are at risk as well. Weather stripping and a threshold seal help increase the effectiveness of keeping out the

When you are looking for a dealer to install your new door, choose one who is experienced and trained in installation and repair. Also, find about the warranty service. Once you have a quality door for your garage, you and your family, your belongings and your home are protected.

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      The one minute vignette hits these high points:
      • Getting your home ready for winter
      • Overhead Door received the 2012 Women's Choice Award
      • Impression CollectionTM -- insulated fiberglass doors
      • Garage Door Design Center - DoorViewTM on overheaddoornea.com

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      1. Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas is located in Jonesboro AR and is family owned and operated. We have over 14 years experience serving homeowners and business owners in the...
        central region and surrounding areas. We specialize in the sales, service, repair, and installation of commercial and residential garage doors and electric openers.

        At Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business, including customer service, competitive pricing, and professional installation of all garage doors and openers. We do not use any subcontractors. Whether you are looking for a new door or you’re existing door just needs a little TLC…we do it all!! Or come by and bring us your set of plans whether it is a residence or a commercial building - WE DO IT ALL!!!

        Feel free to browse our “photo gallery” page to see just how much a new garage door can change the look of your home. Or, fill out our “contact us form” and we will contact you right away to discuss your projectdescribe the image

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      Overhead Door Corporation’s Knock & Lock®Breakaway Door System is the industry’s only self-resetting, impact-resistant dock door available. The rugged Knock & Lock® is designed for higher productivity, energy efficiency and costs 35% less than a complete breakaway door, making it the ideal choice for any dock environment. In addition, the Knock & Lock®Breakaway Door System offers a rugged, puncture-proof interior skin with a steel exterior for years of trouble-free service. Every panel is polystyrene insulated to 2 inches, providing an R-value of 8.56, and has dual slide locks on the bottom section for security. Every Knock & Lock®Breakaway Door System is backed by an industry leading 10 year limited warranty. Whether the application requires a breakaway door system or simply breakaway sections for retrofit applications, the Knock & Lock®Breakaway Door System is the perfect solution for facility managers and architects alike.

      Knock & Lock resized 600


      The Knock & Lock self-resetting impact resistant breakaway door system is designed to increase productivity
      by eliminating costly downtime, door repairs and replacements to keep your facility operating smoothly and
      efficiently. Knock & Lock is ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications.
      Performance and Durability
      Knock & Lock is designed to provide reliable performance for many years and is backed by an industry-leading
      • 10-year retractile cord warranty
      • 10-year puncture warranty
      • The automatic reset keeps your doors operating after  
      impact to eliminate downtime and associated costs
      • Breaks away with little force for system longevity
      • Single/dual panel breakout (breaks in and out) for  
      additional impact-resistance and door system durability
      • Puncture-resistant interior skin and steel exterior for  
      durability and longevity
      • Polystyrene insulation in every section with an R-value of
      8.56 for energy-efficiency (U-value .12)
      • Dual slide locks standard on each section for extra security
      • Wind load up to +43/-50 psf (depending on section width) 
      is standard to satisfy application requirements in a variety 
      of environmental conditions (Stated wind load is for Knock 
      & Lock sections, not entire door. Remaining door sections
      may require additional reinforcement depending on size if
      wind load is required for the application.)
      • Can be field-painted with latex paint to complement the
      look of your facility
      • 2” rollers for smooth operation
      • 3” roller option for additional durability in demanding,
      high traffic volume applications
      • Available in 6’2”, 8’2”, 9’2”, 10’2”, 11’2”, 12’2” and 16’2”*
      section widths and in 24” and 21” section heights to  
      satisfy a wide variety of applications




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      Aluminum Garage Doors

      Beautiful, Corrosion and Rust-Resistant Aluminum Garage Doors Can Greatly Improve the Value of Your Home

      You don’t have to live near the coast to appreciate an aluminum garage door from Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas. 

       Aluminum doors, though, are corrosion-and rust-resistant. No matter how many times you may have to repaint the rest of your home’s exterior, your aluminum garage door will remain looking new for years, without repainting.

      Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas carries the largest selection of the highest-quality aluminum garage doors available.  Call us today at 870-3336-3667 or 1-866-430-3667 or visit our overheaddoornea.com at 3620 Stadium Blvd. Jonesboro AR. You’ll be able to see firsthand the many styles of aluminum garage doors that have beautified and improved the value of so many homes,  as well as the wide selection available from our manufacturers.

      We also feature the absolute finest in wood, steel, copper, glass and powder-coated garage doors.

      Why Aluminum Garage Doors are a Great Choice

      Sturdy aluminum garage doors are among the most popular products that Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas sells, installs, and services. A few of the reasons why:

      • Environmentally friendly. Aluminum doesn’t degrade or rot.  Also, if you ever wish to replace your aluminum garage door, it can easily be recycled.
      • Durability. Long-lasting, prefinished garage doors made of aluminum are stronger than steel garage doors and look terrific for years. No need to worry about dents, cracking or warping. Because of their superior construction, they also operate more smoothly than other doors and require less maintenance.
      • Weather resistant. Aluminum garage doors do not rust or corrode.
      • Variety of styles. Do you like the look of a carriage garage door? Maybe something sleeker, more modern? Aluminum garage doors come in many styles and can be easily customized.
      • Aluminum garage doors enhance the appearance and value of your home. There’s no quicker way to give your home a “facelift” than replacing a weathered garage door with a beautiful aluminum model.

      Best of all, OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS installs and services every door that we sell. Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about aluminum garage doors, or any of the garage you want. 

      Trust the Aluminum Garage Door Specialist

      Thousands of Jonesboro and surrounding  homeowners have trusted Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas for the purchase and installation of garage doors over the years; why go to one of those warehouse stores? We’re the aluminum garage door specialist. We also can assist in  developing a custom design. Bring us a photo of your home or sketch of your dream door and we can help you get the perfect door at the right price.

      We are waiting your call - CALL TODAY!

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      Overhead Door Receives Women’s Choice Award in the Garage Door Category

      Overhead Door is honored to earn the Women’s Choice Award and to be considered the brand of choice among women. The award validates Overhead Door’s commitment to our distributors and our collective ability to deliver professional service and high performance products. The Women’s Choice Award represents the earned trust that women put in our brand,” said Dennis Stone, President and Chief Executive Officer, Overhead Door Corporation.

      It is with great pleasure that we announce the 2012 Women's Choice Award for Garage Doors by WomenCertified went to Overhead Door.  This recongnition reaffirms our customers by continuing to build confidence in our brand and their purchase decisions.

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