Frayed Cables in Your Overhead Door

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Topic: Safety and Cables for Your Overhead Door Sectional Doors

The lift cables at each side of a sectional overhead door should be visually inspected periodically for “fraying” of broken stands, severe twisting of strands, any other abnormalities or rust.

We suggest careful inspection frequently as a frayed, severe twisting, rust or other abnormal cable conditions is a warning that the cable strength has diminished and could break or fail at any time.

Effect of a Broken Cable: A broken cable leaves the door inoperable and has the potential to cause serious damage and injury, particularly if the cable breaks when the door is fully open or part way open.

How to Check for a Frayed or Severe Twisting of Strands of Cable: It is best to check and carefully inspect the cables when the door is in the down or closed position. Carefully check along the full length of the cable for any fraying or severe twisting. Prevention of failure or breakage can save inconvenient costly down time which can be disruptive to the operation and reduce repair expenses.

Just a little visual inspection can increase safety, operational efficiency, reliability, decrease downtime, extend useful life of your operating system and lessen service maintenance cost.

 A quick visual inspection prior to operation could have avoided this very costly problem. The price of a new cable vs. a complete new door?

Inspect the cables. The cables should be tight and secured to the bottom fixtures. The cables should not rub against the door, track or any other objects. Cables with frayed or broken strands should be replaced by a trained door system technician.

 Please, schedule those visual inspections and call us if we can assist in your department goals for improved operational efficiency and reliability while keeping that budget in check.

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      The one minute vignette hits these high points:
      • Getting your home ready for winter
      • Overhead Door received the 2012 Women's Choice Award
      • Impression CollectionTM -- insulated fiberglass doors
      • Garage Door Design Center - DoorViewTM on overheaddoornea.com

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      1. Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas is located in Jonesboro AR and is family owned and operated. We have over 14 years experience serving homeowners and business owners in the...
        central region and surrounding areas. We specialize in the sales, service, repair, and installation of commercial and residential garage doors and electric openers.

        At Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business, including customer service, competitive pricing, and professional installation of all garage doors and openers. We do not use any subcontractors. Whether you are looking for a new door or you’re existing door just needs a little TLC…we do it all!! Or come by and bring us your set of plans whether it is a residence or a commercial building - WE DO IT ALL!!!

        Feel free to browse our “photo gallery” page to see just how much a new garage door can change the look of your home. Or, fill out our “contact us form” and we will contact you right away to discuss your projectdescribe the image

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      Aluminum Garage Doors

      Beautiful, Corrosion and Rust-Resistant Aluminum Garage Doors Can Greatly Improve the Value of Your Home

      You don’t have to live near the coast to appreciate an aluminum garage door from Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas. 

       Aluminum doors, though, are corrosion-and rust-resistant. No matter how many times you may have to repaint the rest of your home’s exterior, your aluminum garage door will remain looking new for years, without repainting.

      Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas carries the largest selection of the highest-quality aluminum garage doors available.  Call us today at 870-3336-3667 or 1-866-430-3667 or visit our overheaddoornea.com at 3620 Stadium Blvd. Jonesboro AR. You’ll be able to see firsthand the many styles of aluminum garage doors that have beautified and improved the value of so many homes,  as well as the wide selection available from our manufacturers.

      We also feature the absolute finest in wood, steel, copper, glass and powder-coated garage doors.

      Why Aluminum Garage Doors are a Great Choice

      Sturdy aluminum garage doors are among the most popular products that Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas sells, installs, and services. A few of the reasons why:

      • Environmentally friendly. Aluminum doesn’t degrade or rot.  Also, if you ever wish to replace your aluminum garage door, it can easily be recycled.
      • Durability. Long-lasting, prefinished garage doors made of aluminum are stronger than steel garage doors and look terrific for years. No need to worry about dents, cracking or warping. Because of their superior construction, they also operate more smoothly than other doors and require less maintenance.
      • Weather resistant. Aluminum garage doors do not rust or corrode.
      • Variety of styles. Do you like the look of a carriage garage door? Maybe something sleeker, more modern? Aluminum garage doors come in many styles and can be easily customized.
      • Aluminum garage doors enhance the appearance and value of your home. There’s no quicker way to give your home a “facelift” than replacing a weathered garage door with a beautiful aluminum model.

      Best of all, OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS installs and services every door that we sell. Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about aluminum garage doors, or any of the garage you want. 

      Trust the Aluminum Garage Door Specialist

      Thousands of Jonesboro and surrounding  homeowners have trusted Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas for the purchase and installation of garage doors over the years; why go to one of those warehouse stores? We’re the aluminum garage door specialist. We also can assist in  developing a custom design. Bring us a photo of your home or sketch of your dream door and we can help you get the perfect door at the right price.

      We are waiting your call - CALL TODAY!

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